Frozen Whole Grains

Instant Grainification

Everyone knows whole grains are good for them. The challenge is finding the time to prepare them. That’s why Village Harvest created frozen, pre-cooked, whole grains. All you need to do is pour, then heat or thaw, to experience the flavor and texture of freshly simmered grains. It’s just that simple!

Village Harvest takes care of the hard part. After cooking whole grains to perfection, we use cryogenic technology to freeze them at -300˚F in order to keep the integrity of every single piece flawless and whole. Compared to other frozen food products which typically never reach temperatures below -40˚F, Village Harvest frozen grains are in a class of their own. Our  Whole Grain Creations are seasoned only with naturally delicious ingredients that you can pronounce, because we know purity means quality.

Sure you can eat any Village Harvest frozen whole grain on its own as a side dish or snack, but the unflavored products including: Red Quinoa & Brown Rice; Brown, Red and Wild Rice; Wheatberry & Barley; Farro & Red Rice and Golden Quinoa are excellent ingredients as well. Stir them into soups, sprinkle them over salads or bake them into your favorite breads and muffins. They’ll instantly add flavor, texture and dimension to all of your dishes, not to mention that whole grain goodness that’s been eluding you for years!